Executive Summary

The Weare Township Master Plan is the primary tool to enable the management of growth and the delivery of public services in an efficient manner for the community now and into the future. The neighboring townships of Pentwater and Riverton have steadily increased in both population and households over the last twenty years. Both of these townships border Weare Township and all three townships are located along the US-31 corridor. As these neighboring townships grow, residential and/or commercial growth may expand into Weare Township. The challenge is to direct growth appropriately to retain the qualities that Weare Township residents enjoy today. New residents are likely to be attracted to the Township because of its pristine
rural character, both in agriculture and woodlands; as well as its nearness to the Lake Michigan shoreline and access to prime recreation destinations in Northwestern Michigan. In order to maintain this atmosphere, it is important to plan for the future. Just like a business creates a plan to grow and succeed, a community must plan for its future growth as well. This plan strives to create a healthy, safe, economically stable,
and agriculturally important community of choice.

Planning is the process of formulating goals and the objective policies that are necessary to achieve these goals. The Weare Township Master Plan is an important tool to the Township government, its citizens, and the private sector. It is an articulation of policy from the Planning Commission which describes a vision for the future by allowing the Board of Trustees and Planning Commission to coordinate their actions and guide future development. The major purposes of the Master Plan are to:

  • Provide a guide for the public and private decisions that create and shape the future of the Township;
  • Promote the interests of the citizens in the Weare Township community;
  • Enhance the Township’s resources; and
  • Develop a coordinated and well planned system of public services in the

The major issue facing Weare Township today is balancing residential and commercial growth and stability while maintaining the Township’s agricultural and rural character that is so important to the Weare identity. The Master Plan provides guidance for addressing future issues within the context of the framework of the Plan itself, including population, housing, land use, transportation, economic vitality, and intergovernmental cooperation. Further detail can be found in the Master Plan please open the link below.